Getting Started In The Music Industry

A lot of people who are younger than us want to work in the music industry and while proper education helps, breaking into the industry can be daunting so here's somethings you can do while in school / at your age right where you live! Just remember at the end of day passion and drive are what you need to stand up so work, work, work, work, work (I hope you sang that like Rhianna).

•offer to do PR for a local band, start small by running their social media / creating scheduling charts to grow engagement and following organically then move up to writing press releases on (actual) news and personally sending it to outlets. Reach out to a professor or other publicist for help but you can create media lists with work and research.

•offer to create a campaign for a band with an upcoming album release or show. Create promotional material and strategize how to best spread it. This could also include giveaways, an email list, a live Q&A etc. Creating a small street team is also an option if it is possible.

•volunteer for a street team!!! Many labels and artists have them and it'll really build your work ethic and get you connected to good people who can eventually write you recommendations.

•ask to shadow the manager or booking agent for a band you have seen grow. It could be for a show when it comes through your town or just a local rep. Ask questions but also be respectful of their need to do their job.

• work directly with a band even virtually by offering to work on making their day sheets, calling venues, setting up press (this overlaps with a publicists some), contacting companies the band might already like to set up sponsorships which if done right can be mutually beneficial. Eventually you might even be able to tour with the band some.

•try promoting at a local venue, if nothing else it's experience. 

•if you see a tour coming through your town or even a local show coming up, make a poster for it! Then tweet it out, post it, print it out and tag the right bands / labels. It gets your work seen (you can sign it) and benefits them. It might not pay but hopefully it'll pay off.

•you could also try making edits for the band based around their aesthetic / lyrics and again tag them, don't just post it on tumblr and call it a day if you want this to be your career.

•again you can always start local. Don't be afraid to reach out to local bands and ask if they need promo pics. For shows that allow SLRs just bring it in and respectfully shoot then share on social media once you've chosen what you're most proud of. Don't expect to get photo passes thrown at you, once you have a portfolio contact a music site you admire and see if they can use another photog! Also you can work directly with venues

•make a website where all your work can be seen! An Instagram link isn't the best for some cases and it can be done cheaply.

•start by writing about just what you love! That passion makes writing more enjoyable for you and your reader. Don't be afraid to have a voice / opinions since that's what makes you unique. You can always start your own music blog until you feel you can confidently apply to other sites. You can also try pitching to a site a story / interview to get them to notice your writing before applying for staff. When pitching just be sure to be thorough and prepared, and don't give up if you get rejected.

•offer to write bands bios for Facebook etc, it's a small task but they need those and you can use the experience. 

-Hannah Hines