We are working to put together a list of different resources and services to help bands and make the music community a better place, including:



Public speakers

tour managers

booking agents


graphic designers

and more!

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  • Kayla Edelmann / K_edelmann@aol.comVeracious Media / MD

    • I'm certified in video production, and could film/edit videos as well as do photography. I'd help anyone you all needed. 


  • Chelsea Gresh / chelseagresh@gmail.com / pa& oh

    • I specialize in photography and would love to help bands with any photo needs they have. Or really in any way. This is such a great thing!


  • Rachel Fish / RachelFishPhoto@gmail.com / PA

    • specialize in live music photography. I will photograph bands coming to to southern central PA, Philadelphia, Allentown, Baltimore Maryland area, and some other areas. I have little to no charge (mostly depending on distance). I currently do not have a professional website but I am willing to send portfolio samples if needed.



  • Meredith Szturm / meredithmsz@gmail.com / Manifesto of Sound Magazine /

    • am the editor for manifestomusicmag.com and write for the site, but my main interest is live music photography. I'd love to be listed as a resource for bands for anything from promo to backstage photography, to covering one show, to documenting a whole tour. Translating the feeling of live music into my photos is my goal and if I can help a band have some awesome shots for their social media sites and promo, that's great. It's even better if I can document their memories within the shots. I am also willing to do interviews and features on the site as well as ep/record/video premieres and anything else that I can do to help. My photography can be seen on meredithszturmphoto.com



  • Nall Dube / NDubePhotos@gmail.com / TX

    • I am a Dallas-based live music, portrait and promotional photographer! I have photographed musicians for the past 4 years and am looking to tour with bands who are in need of my services. Please feel free to visit www.ndubephotos.com or @NDubePhotos on Instagram!


  • Jena Dahlstrom / jenarosed@gmail.com / MD

    • photography, willing to do photo shoots and shoot shows in Baltimore, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas


  • Ciara Glagola / ciara.glagola@yahoo.com / Remember The Night Media / (also a writer)

    • I am a photographer, primarily, but a writer as well, and I run a media outlet where I do both. (And that media outlet is always looking for new bands to share with the world.) I am in love with this industry and the amazing people in it, so I would love to help in any way I can and in any way I am needed.


  • Maggie Friedman / maggie.friedman4@gmail.com / Sensations Press / MD & NY

    • I'm a photographer! I can also help out by tour managing!


  • Meagan Sullivan / meagansullivanphotography@gmail.com /Tx / (also does Graphic design)

    • I am a music photographer based in Dallas, Texas. I am currently a senior photojournalism major at the University of North Texas. After taking a majority of my classes for my degree, I am also well versed in videography, graphic design and social media. I am the Visuals Editor for the North Texas Daily, the official newspaper of UNT, which has given me experience handling an insane amount of stress (I basically work 24/7) and has taught me great time management skills. I am also willing to help out in any other way I'm needed (place to stay, food, etc). My portfolio can be found at meagansullivanphotography.com and


  • Emily Kovacic / emilykovacicphotos@gmail.com

    • I am a music photographer, I run eminormedia.net, and publish a magazine called Polarize Magazine. The magazine has mostly been about my own work and experiences in the music scene but I am looking to feature smaller bands like this to help give them exposure. E Minor Media would also be a great place for the bands to have features on and have posts about an upcoming music, tours, etc. they would have going on. Here's all the links to the stuff I've mentioned! www.emilykovacicphotography.com www.eminormedia.net issuu.com/eminormedia


  • Courtney Robbins / courtneyrobbsphoto@gmail.com / (also does merch)

    • I specialize in photography & have a little experience in merch. I would like to help bands out if they're in need of a photographer & simply just be here to help out other photographers or people who are new to the scene & need advice. I remember being new to the scene at one point & I wanted people to help me, unfortunately not everyone wants to help you & you're stuck to learn on your own. I just feel if someone needs advice or helping hand & you know what to do then you should help that person because you were that person at some point. Don't just turn your back on someone who needs help because other people did it to you.


  • Ciarra Fonseca / ciarrafonseca@gmail.com / (also does Graphic design)

    • I specialize in photography, but I enjoy graphic design as well!


  • Nicholas Mora / nicholas.mora@me.com / Nicholas Mora Photo / PA


  • Kylie Matera / kmate2@unh.newhaven.edu

    • Photographer, and going to school for music industry to become a tour manager. I would like to get my foot in the door and offer up and coming artists/bands free photoshoots for new material.



  • Kaitlyn Simpson / Kaitididd@yahoo.com

    • Photography. I'd absolutely love to help anyone out who wants any kind of band photos done. Especially on stage photos.


  • Becca Mathias / bmathiasphoto@gmail.com / Izzie + Sky Magazine / Becca Mathias Photography / DE & PA

    • I'm a photographer who specializes in music/portrait photography. I also create a magazine called izzie + sky. My links are - beccamathiasphoto.com and issuu.com/izzieandsky. If you have any questions feel free to email me! I'd love to be listed as a resource for photography in the Northern Delaware/Philadelphia area.


  • Caitlyn Vaught / CaityEliVPhoto@gmail.com / CaityEliV Photography / FL

    • 'm a 19 year old Orlando based music photographer. I'm currently building a photography portfolio to help with college scholarships as I plan to attend SCAD for my bachelor's degree.


  • Molly Hudelson / mollyhudelson@hotmail.com / Circles & Soundwaves

    • I am a photographer and Founder/ Editor-in-Chief of Circles & Soundwaves (circlesandsoundwaves.com). I can do live photography and behind-the-scenes / candid work as well as well as portraits, and I love doing in-depth interviews with bands to help tell their story.


  • Peyton beard / peyton@peytonbeard.com / NYC & PA

    • Photographer and Graphic Designer with main interests in live music/tour photography and helping bands develop strong visual branding. I work as a staff photographer for Pure Grain Audio and do freelance photography and design. My work can be found at peytonbeard.com


  • Sara bluhm / Sarasaysphotography@gmail.com / Soundguard Magazine / SAN DIEGO/LA-AVAILABLE FOR TRAVEL

    • I am southern California based and specialize in photojournalism/live music photography. I would love to help with live show coverage, photos, social media, and more. 



  • taylor lippke / Taylor16leigh@gmail.com /pa

    • I am a photography major who wants to specialize in live music but I am also good with regular portraiture. I currently contribute to 3 publications .

  • Kelly micKey / kellymickeyphotography@gmail.com /

    • I'm a photographer based out of Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C and Richmond, VA and have worked with local artists and artist promotion companies for several years. I have experience in concert photography as well as portrait photography.  Samples of my work can be found at www.500px.com/kmickey


Producers / mixers

  • Bradley Hill / bradhillproduction@gmail.com

    • Music production and mixing. I've been doing producing for a while and am looking to help bands who can't afford major studios/would rather home record. I can help guide them in recording at home, act as a producer for the project even digitally and mix the songs.



  • Ellen Phillips / ellenphillips-@hotmail.comManifesto of Sound / Canada

    • i am currently a writer for Manifesto of Sound, an online music news page that my friends and I started up. I have experience writing album reviews, show reviews, general news articles, and also have done some interviews. I love writing in general, but writing about music is my passion and I would love to be able to do this for any bands/artists in need whether it be featured on MOS or not.


  • Allison Lanza / allisonlanza96@gmail.comBeyond The Stage Magazine / (also a tour manager / merch / publicity)

    • add me to your media lists for press opportunities-- also merchandise sales, publicity, TMing, management, etc. Will do whatever for experience / very cheap (you can usually just buy me food.)


  • Mckenzie Holivay / Mckenzie.holivay7@gmail.com / Sound Press Media/ (also does Photography)

    • I can do band promos and shoot shows, and interviews! I work for two publications and I can recommend bands to my editors!


  • Jessica Gavrilovski / gavrilovskijr@gmail.com / College News

    • I'm a freelance writer that specializes in music journalism. I've been writing for College News for a year now, but also do freelance work with a few other blogs and online publications here and there, and overall have nearly two years in experience. I'd love to help out by writing reviews, preview articles, hosting interviews with artists, and fulfilling any other wants/needs artists would like in promotion via online (maybe even print!) articles, as well as branching out with any other opportunities that The Punk Pit Stop might have to offer!


  • Morgan Sullivan / morgansullivan@my.unt.edu / The North Texas Daily, Our Fearless Revolution

    • I specialize in writing! Album reviews, show reviews, band interviews, you name it, I'll write it. I am studying public relations, and would love to help out with some of that if needed as well.



  • Rachel Leonard / rachanneleo@gmail.comAspects Magazine

    • ey! I am the founder and editor-in-chief of Aspects Magazine (www.issuu.com/aspectsmagazine) and am always looking for bands to feature (I have staff in various cities around the US). I also do live music, portrait, and promotional photography as well as video, all of which can be viewed at www.rachelleonardphoto.com. I have some experience with merch sales and doing live sound and stage management. I'm based out of Salt Lake City, but can generally travel anywhere in the state of Utah and occasionally to other western states with a bit of notice. Available for tour. Hope I can be of some help!



  • Kerry Uram / Uramka23@gmail.com / Punk In Wonderland / Infectious Magazine

    • Hello! I am a music blogger/journalist that helps to feature bands on their new releases, tours etc., or just getting their name out on social media!


  • Madeline cronin madelinecronin1@gmail.com / Odyssey/Concert Crap

    • I can write articles about your band as you come through town. You can share the articles on your social media and it can help generate more content for you pages.


Graphic Designers

  • Stone Fenk / Stonefenk@gmail.com / (also does Photography)

    • I specialize in Photography and Graphic Design. I would like to provide my services to anyone who needs them for little to no price since I know most smaller bands are barely making profit on tours and don't have the money for expensive photographers or designers.


  • Tyler Royer / Taroyer95@gmail.com /

    • I'm currently going to school for graphic design and digital media, with some study in press and mass media writing. During periods of free time (summer, semester breaks) I'd be more than happy to assist bands with design related work; album art, digital media for social media sites, album layouts, etc.


  • Rebekah Witt / rebekahwitt400@gmail.com

    • I am a graphic designer and I would love to design and create logos, album artwork, merch, etc. for musicians.


  • Natalie Flores / flores.nat.19@gmail.com

    • I am currently studying Graphic Design and would love to help with any design needs in my free time and during breaks. I enjoy all types of layout projects from album art layout to posters. I've been studying print and graphic design for about 4 years now and would love to help out anyone in anyway I can.


Tour Managers / merch / general managment

  • Renee Signore / Rjsignore@gmail.com /

    • specialize in tour management/merch and would love to be listed as a resource for bands looking for either of those positions. Thank you!


  • Taylor Parmeter / taylorrparmeter@gmail.com / (also does photography)

    • I'd love to be able to contribute as a photographer and/or tour manager.


  • Brandon Bruyette / bruyebra@gmail.com /wi

    • ANY crew touring needs. Tech, TM, merch, driver, etc.


  • Kylie Matera / kmatera205@gmail.com

    • Tour Manager - I'm earning my BA in music industry and am currently the manager for the band The MXT. I would love to focus on tours and be a tour manager for anyone who needs it. I can assist in any aspect of touring.


  • Juliet Kozlow / julietkozlow@gmail.com

    • I'm a merch girl open to touring and a learning TM. I also do freelance writing for the outlet I Am Tuned Up, which focuses on unique releases with positive messages and mainstream alike. I'm able to write reviews/do interviews and in open to touring for cheap to build experience if a band is interested in taking someone on. Can provide references and resume.


  • CASEY KNAPP / alt13casey@gmail.com / ALT 13. MANAGEMENT / nyc

    • I'm 1/2 of startup alternative management company called alt 13. management! We're NYC based, soon to expand to the Los Angeles area. I specialize in social media strategy and marketing but am ready and willing to do anything else as far as management goes. We have a business plan available upon request and would love to chat with anybody regarding potential representation!!


  • kevin provencher / Kevinjamesprovencher@gmail.com /

    • Tour managing, merch, driving, tech work, etc. I've been doing it for about 5 years now with my current band and have done work for others as well. Can make day sheets, finance logs, settle at the end of the night, and much more!




  • Danielle Young / danielleyoung828@gmail.com / Celeb Secrets/Freelance Publicist

    • Writer/Publicist I am the associate editor at Celeb Secrets, so please feel free to reach out to me about covering your band and add me to your media list! In addition, I have been a freelance music publicist for the last 5+ years. Vast experience in tour, single and album campaigns; so please feel free to reach out to me about your upcoming PR needs. Please note that 3-4 week lead time is optimal for all public relations campaigns. I would love to provide my services to anyone who needs them for little to no cost; just note that I can only take on so many PR campaigns at once!


  • Kelsey Shue / kelseyliannepr@gmail.com / KELSEYLIANNE PR

    • ublic Relations + Press/Promotion.
      I'm a freelance music publicist and social media manager. I have vast experience in different areas of PR and would love to help you and your band get on the right press track. Please note that 3 weeks to a month/month and a half is typically needed for a campaign. If you're looking to hire someone for little to no cost, please feel free to contact me about your upcoming PR needs!


promoters / creatives

  • Morgan Murphy / Morgan.murphy.1121@gmail.com / Local Jams / (also a writer)

    • specialize in promoting local aspiring bands to a group of enthusiastic music lovers. I'd love to work with artists and bands to spread their name and to review/promote any of their work!


  • Paige Williams / paige@paigebackstage.com / PaigeBackstage

    • run my own music blog & YouTube channel based in Toronto, Canada. I love sharing music with my readers/subscribers...and they LOVE showing a massive outpouring of support. I don't do album/show reviews but I've got New Music Friday posts and a few ongoing interview series. I'm open to ideas, whether it's something simple or a big creative epic. Let's talk!